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Childrens Furniture Guide

When designing your child's bedroom and buying kid's furnishings your child’s room, it’s best to design a bedroom that visually belongs with the rest of the house. If one is working with a traditional home, use a softer color palette, if the family has a more modern sensibility, a clean bright color palette would be more in keeping with the aesthetic. Children who are old enough to know their favorite colors and interests can be part of the bedroom design process. In the end, the child who is involved in their bedroom's design will be less likely to complain or want to change the room once it’s complete.

As for children’s furniture, avoid miniature kid's furniture, as it is too short-lived. Choose childrens furniture with a clean finish such as a natural wood, or solid color, but don’t be afraid to use mixed finishes such as natural tops and painted drawer fronts to create a playful mood your children. When designing your child's bedroom, be sure to provide them with display areas. Youth furniture with closed storage is great if your children are good at putting toys away. But kid's bedroom furniture should have ample ledges on which they can build and display their "worlds.” Avoid buying or using second-hand kids furniture for small children, as lead-based paint and structural integrity were not key components of design in years past.

Most people who have two or more children in a shared bedroom wouldn't hesitate to use bunk beds. However, where self-esteem issues are involved, children might do better on equal ground -- since the older child typically gets the superior or upper position. In a shared bedroom, it sometimes is best to use two regular beds (twin size beds, or even full size beds), and also ensure each child has some personal space, such as his or her own toy box, or bookshelf. By making private space for each child, (beds, reading chairs, desks, bookshelves) you are nurturing their individuality and separate interests.

Parents who want to provide a terrific coordinated bedroom for a child need look no further than the Internet. It’s an easy way to shop for beautiful, quality children's furniture and furnishings, including kid's beds, bedding, and accessories in nearly any color, theme, or style imaginable.

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