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Daybed Guide

The daybed, or day bed, is loosely defined as a seating piece that also serves as a bed. Recently, daybeds have grown in popularity, becoming stylish and pragmatic additions to today's homes and apartments. For the space-conscious, day beds affords the comfort of a traditional twin size bed, yet doubles as seating, much like a pull-out sofa or futon. The daybed accepts a standard twin size mattress with twin size bedding. The bedding also serves as the seating surface – making setup at bedtime a snap. Moreover, the bedding for a daybed set is typically the same as what would be used for a twin size bed, which can be found at a local furnishings store or at any online furniture retailer.

Daybed furniture has many advantages over its relatives -- the pull-out sofa and futon. With a pull-out sofa, one needs ample space to unfold the sofa mattress, and has to struggle with inconvenience of setup. A pull-out sofa typically compromises comfort for design by employing a thin bi-fold (or, in some instances, tri-fold) mattress -- reducing support and minimizing comfort. Similarly, though futons and futon furniture can be nice additions to casual rooms, these pieces require setup for sleeping. Additionally, many view the futon and futon furniture as holdovers from college dorm-room days, connoting a casual and care-free bohemian lifestyle – not a match for formal or casually elegant decor.

When coupled with a pop-up trundle, a daybed provides even more flexibility. The daybed trundle folds underneath to hold an extra twin mattress. When a larger sleeping surface is needed, the daybed trundle rolls out and raises to create an “instant” king-sized bed. The daybed trundle may also be used as simple pull-out. In its lowered position, the free-standing trundle bed portion may be moved across the room and used independently as its own sleeping surface. Later, after use, trundle beds can be rolled back underneath the day bed, conserving space.

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