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Futon Mattress Information & Specifications

American futons, originally borrowed from the Japanese, began to appear in bohemian crash pads in the late 1960s. Students of Asian culture made the mats by hand for friends because they were cheap and saved space. In the '70s and '80s, Boston designer and creative wood craftsman William Brouwer began to experiment with the futon and developed the first convertible futon frame.

Futons, have since grown up. No longer just floppy quilts, futons have grown thicker and more comfortable, and are now functional piece of furniture for both sitting and sleeping.

You can add an optional futon mattress to any futon frame you order.  Each futon frame extends and lays flat to create a full size bed (Width 53" x Length 75"). Choose from the following mattress types:

Black 8" Futon Mattress
Carefully layered linter cotton is blended with long staple cotton. A superior loft is created overall by blending in a very fine amount of high-grade polyester. These carefully blended layers are placed between high-density convoluted foam. Resilient and comfortable this mattress is excellent for everyday sofa use and as a bed.
Black 8" Innerspring Futon Mattress
We combine a special high count coil spring for maximum comfort and support. Topped with both high-grade polyester and premium bedding cotton, it is designed for everyday use, maximum comfort, and durability. This mattress is softer and has a slight bounce.