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Haley Daybed & Trundle Bed Mattress

Haley Daybed & Trundle Bed Mattress
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TheTWIN sizeHaley 110 daybed and trundle bed mattress isa popular multi-purpose mattress engineered to release a "not too soft" and "not too firm" feel. Generous amounts of highly resilient foam and polyester are utilized to create a mattress that resists change in support after many years of use.

This mattress is made to work seamlessly with all of our daybeds, trundle beds, and pop-up trundles. It's the perfect size and thickness. Moreover, since it does not have an innerspring, it feels more like a sofa when used for seating, yet provides ample support for sleeping.

Each of our Haley 110 mattresses has the following characteristics:

  • Comfort Level: Luxurious Firm
  • Durability: 10-12+ years, designed to resist changes in support for years
  • Thickness: A TRUE 8"(14" of overstuffed goods compressed to perform inside an 8" border)
  • Bench Built: Hand made quality assures uniformity and quality control on each mattress.
  • Box Edges: For a TRUE reading of 8" thickness.
  • Overstuffed: Generous amounts (approx. 14") of different combinations of highly resilient foam and fiber that create an "inside out" force against the mattress ticking that is necessary for proper and comfortable support, whether sitting or sleeping.
  • Tape Edge Closure: Expert mattress tailoring operation that seals the comfort inside the mattress, insures proper placement of materials in the cover and reinforces the edges to present a clean tailored look instead of a "haphazardly stuffed look."
  • Compression Lace Tufting: This customized process alone will differentiate an Otis mattress from any other.This processserves to compress, strengthen and control the overstuffed cushioning materials. Our "button-less" tufting process forces the foam, fibers, springs an mattress fabric to work together to create a supportive synergy that produces a comfort level unique to each mattress… bottom line, your mattress will feel as supportive as it did on the first day.

The only true way to decipher the actual thickness of the mattress is to have a measurable border material (or a boxed edge, like a traditional mattress does). All of our mattresses are bench built and are made with a boxed corner and are tape-edged. The bonus is that the "thickness" of the mattress is easily deciphered, and it leaves the mattress with a clean tailored look that lasts for many years.

All of our mattresses are"premium quality," and will keep their shape for 10-12 years. This is due in part to the quality of the key ingredient... FOAM. We only use highly resilient (HD) foam with densities that are 2.0 pounds per cubic foot or better.


The Haley 110 Twin Size mattress is a true TWIN size measuring:

  • Width: 39"
  • Length: 75"
  • Height (Thickness): 8"


  1. 7 1/2 oz twill fabric provides proper strength to hold the tuft in the mattress.
  2. 9" ofminimum 2.0 pound density foam provides the ability to keep the mattress looking and feeling good.
  3. A double layer of polyester top and bottom gives the mattress a clean finished look.
  4. Machine tufting reduces thethicknessof the mattress to lock in its good look and feel.
  5. The tape edge closing process insures proper fit and finish of the mattress cover.

Shipping: FREE! Ships anywhere in the continental USA. This item ships via UPS / FEDEX / DHL directly to your door.

Please allow 7-10 business days for delivery.