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Trundle Bed Information

Our trundle beds consist of four pieces: the headboard, footboard, link spring, and pop-up trundle. Each trundle ships to your door packaged to minimize potential shipping damages, and to allow you to move it to the room of your choosing before assembling (simple assembly).
Trundle Bed Link Spring (Included)
With the link spring, there is no need for box springs or bed frame. Simply attach the link spring onto the headboard and footboard and add any standard twin size mattress. The link spring provides added storage underneath your trundle bed and lets you hide the pop-up trundle (see below).

Pop-Up Trundle (Included)
All trundle beds include a pop-up trundle. The trundle folds down underneath the trundle bed to hold an extra twin mattress. When you need an additional sleeping surface, the trundle pulls out and can even raise up to create an instant king-sized bed.

Note: Please do not use a mattress with a height greater than 8 1/2". Otherwise, the pop-unit will not have sufficient clearance below the link spring.

Trundle Bed Mattresses (Not Included)
Be sure your mattress conforms to the standard size for a twin mattress.

The ideal mattress height for our trundle beds is 8 1/2" or less. Using a mattress with excessive height will cause the mattress to sit too high on the trundle bed.

Also, when used with a pop-up trundle, an excessively thick mattress will prevent the trundle from having sufficient clearance.

Twin: 38" x 75"